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New York Fashion Week 2013!

(I got invited to Brandon Sun´s show at the NYFW and I know it is a preppy blog and I usually never write but still wanted to write a few words and I will upload some photos too, just to warn you guys :) )

About Brandon Sun (from his website):

In February 2011, Brandon Sun began to carve his own world by launching a signature collection of luxury fur accessories with distinguished international retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, BoontheShop, Savannah, Hirshleifers, and others. In February 2012, Brandon Sun presented a collection of ready-to-wear and fur during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, introducing his vision for an insouciant sense of style.

About this collection: Brandon Sun got his influences for this show from eartern Wabi Sabi vibes with western perspectives. The color palette was derived from Vervoodt´s photography of mountain and forest just before sunrise.

I love this collection because it mixes both nature and luxury.

PD: Brandon is super nice!! :)

  1. pradeath said: I’m going to scream. How on Earth did you get to go to NYFW…
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